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Re: [Multiarch-devel] dpkg, apt and dose3 do not agree in many synthetic dependency situations involving multiarch

+++ Johannes Schauer [2015-04-18 23:24 +0200]:
> Hi,
> when comparing dpkg, apt and dose3 behavior on 7744 synthetic test cases, then
> they disagree on 43.5% of them.
> I wrote a testsuite 

> I talked to Holger Levsen and he agreed that this script can be run regularly
> on jenkins to track the progress on making dpkg, apt and dose3 agree on how
> they resolve dependencies involving multiarch.

Thanks for doing that, Josch. Very useful. And we do clearly need to
get our tools agreeing on the right answers to these questions.

I propose a multiarch session at debconf for such discussion on the
off-chance that definitive conclusions have not been reached
beforehand (or we don't actually agree). I'm hoping that all of you,
Guillem and David might be in attendance? (as well as others that have
taken aqn interest in multiarch).

Principal hats:  Linaro, Debian, Wookware, ARM

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