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Re: Experimental ddeb support in debhelper and lintian

On 2015-04-11 07:14, Niels Thykier wrote:
> [...]
>> Stretch is a two year time frame though, which makes me kinda sad. Thanks 
>> for you effort though, keep up the amazing work! If I understand correctly, if 
>> it would have been something for stretch, either A or B would have been 
>> decided already and partly implemented, right?
> I believe we can implement this for Stretch if we wanted to.  Unlike
> multi-arch, build-profiles (etc.), ddebs are already supported by our
> (14-days-from-now-new) stable release.  Namely,
>  * All the groundwork requirements (pkg:arch dependencies etc.) are
>    already covered by previous efforts.
>    - I.e. everything that would require a full-cycle for support are
>      already done in time for Jessie

Hah, I take that inside the parentheses back.  It seems that APT is
*not* very happy with the generated "pkg:arch" dependencies.
Fortunately, this syntax is not required for ddebs.

>  [...]
>  * Known list of tools where support is (very) "nice-to-have", but not a
>    strict blocker.
>    - lintian - though people on d-mentors might disagree. ;)
>    - reprepro and similar
>    - others?
> [...]

As noted on IRC, mentors.debian.net / debexpo will probably need to be
updated too (at least if we go the "ddebs" route).


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