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Re: Experimental ddeb support in debhelper and lintian (Was: Re: -dbg packages; are they actually useful?)

On Saturday, April 04, 2015 10:54:09 AM Niels Thykier wrote: 
> > Last time I checked, dak was still missing code to handle the
> > generated .ddeb files.
> > 
> > Cheers,
> And it *still* does!  But there are a few things that have changed!
>  * There is an experimental branch for debhelper to generate these
>    automatically available.
>    - Requires a "export DH_BUILD_DDEBS=1" to trigger the code path
>    - It applies to *all* compat levels.
>    - Trying to get the reproducible team to try it out to see if it
>      regresses anything (incl. reproducible builds)

I guess the ddeb's are meant to be reproducible too?

>    - It *does* cause dpkg-genchanges to emit warnings about
>      uninitialized values (I think 3 per ddeb).  Related to #781074

Sounds like you plan to keep -dbg packages? Or just for migration? Ubuntu kept 
-dbg packages and tries to maintain -dbgsym along it (but they only cover 
packages that no -dbg package exists for, otherwise it will be an empty 
package, no idea if they situation is still like that there ...), however the 
situation was kind of messy, I often got file conflicts. Things were not 
consistent at all last time I needed debug packages for a lot of stuff there.
Simply put: If you installed the debug package for every installed package, 
you get the hell of a mess, this was almost undoable. (That test maybe does 
not make a lot of sense, but it did show that things were not optimal.)

>    - Branch at [DH-BRANCH]
>  * Half-done branch for lintian to actually look at ddebs
>    - Known false-positive triggered for ddebs (output says FIXME, so
>      it should be trivial to spot).
>    - Branch at [LINT-BRANCH]
> The resulting debs are installable with dpkg -i ( \o/ ).  I have not
> tried anything fancy like setting up a local APT mirror and tried to
> convince APT do install it.
> *Known to be missing*:
>  * Documentation in debhelper (incl. changelog entries)
>  * A solution to the "-dbg => .ddeb" migration, so you can do a -2
>    upload that uses .ddeb instead of "-dbg" and *not* get file
>    conflicts.
>  * FTP master approval + dak support
>    - Possibly a solution that does not double the size of Packages.
>  * APT support or verification that it works out of the box
>    - help welcome.
>  * dpkg (dpkg-genchanges) should pref. not emit "uninitialised" warnings
>    - Probably related #781074.  My guess is that a call to debarch_eq
>      is the source of all warnings.  I have not pinpointed which call.
> ... and I am late for something now, so I will cut it short here.
> Enjoy,
> ~Niels
> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/users/nthykier/debhelper.git/log/?h=super-co
> w-ddebs-support
> http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/users/nthykier/lintian.git/log/?h=ddeb-suppor
> t

I know predictions are hard, but is there a plan to get things done for the 
next release (Stretch)?

Thanks for the very comprehensive status update and your awesome work!

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