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On 2015-02-18 18:45, Glenn wrote:
> I'm running Debian Wheezy Linux and have no problems installing and
> running Privoxy when using:
> sudo apt-get install privoxy
> However, when I do the following on a fresh Debian installation:
> sudo dpkg-deb -x libyaml-tiny-perl_1.51-1_all.deb /
> sudo dpkg-deb -x doc-base_0.10.4_all.deb /
> sudo dpkg-deb -x privoxy_3.0.19-2_amd64.deb /
> [...]
> Is there a standard initialization script that executes using
>  apt-get install  ?
> Glenn

Hi Glenn,

Please consider:

 * using dpkg -i <DEB> rather than dpkg-deb -x <DEB> <DIR>.
   - the two commands have a vastly different purpose.  The former
     attempts to install the deb while the latter merely unpacks it
     (usually so one can examine its contents without installing it)
 * sticking to using apt, apt-get or aptitude for installing packages or
   possibly programs like gdebi.
   - dpkg does not fetch messing dependencies for you or do anything
     beyond what you ask it.  It is not really the frontend you want to
     use for installing packages as an end users.
 * using debian-user@lists.debian.org for further enquiries as this list
   is for development of dpkg rather than user support of dpkg.


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