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dpkg versioned provides


dpkg recently added support for versioned provides \o/

We now want to test whether dose3 supports them correctly. We think that it
*should* not be hard to do so because dose3 internally uses a cudf
representation of Debian dependencies and cudf already understands versioned

Having a look at the test cases in the dpkg-tests git doesn't show any
surprises with respect to how they should be interpreted but I think I remember
Guillem saying that there was some unintuitive trickery to be resolved for this

For example when reading dpkg commit 5bb02fe I saw a comment which explains how
versioned or unversioned dependencies should or should not be satisfied by
versioned or unversioned provides (in lib/dpkg/depcon.c for function

But I do not see these cases being tested for.

Should I just use this comment to create some test cases for dose3 or are there
some existing ones of dpkg that I'm missing?

I suppose the comment is still an accurate description how it should work?


cheers, josch

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