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Re: Bug#776063: dbus fails to upgrade rendering entire apt unusable


On Fri, 2015-01-23 at 17:01:34 +0000, Simon McVittie wrote:
> Control: tags 776063 + moreinfo

I think this one should be merged with the other dbus+triggers+apt

> On 23/01/15 14:43, Niels Thykier wrote:
> > On Fri, 23 Jan 2015 09:07:37 -0500 Yaroslav Halchenko
> > <debian@onerussian.com> wrote:
> >> Decided to upgrade my jessie/sid system today to see if remedy for hangouts not
> >> working came about (#770659) and upgrade failed because of dbus.
> >
> > Thanks for reporting this issue.  This is likely to be a bug in APT (or
> > possibly in its interaction with dpkg), so I have CC'ed the relevant
> > maintainers.
> This looks very much like <https://bugs.debian.org/771428>.

The bug that contains the most interesting information and discussion
is in fact 774124.

You should be able to get out of that apt state by just calling
«dpkg --configure --pending».

> https://bugs.debian.org/774124 (merged with 771428) is also relevant.
> I think the reason this is always getting reported against dbus is that
> it's "low-level" in dependency trees (e.g. for systemd), but it also has
> file triggers (for system services); so when its file triggers encounter
> one of dpkg/apt's recent trigger-related bugs, the system is left in a
> rather bad state. If any apt or dpkg experts can come up with an
> adjustment to dbus that would work around this, I'm open to suggestions.

I don't think this can be worked around in dbus, barring the removal
of its triggers. In any case given that apt can get into such state I
assume it might still get into similar ones even if dbus was not
involved, although I don't think we've heard of any other such instances
involving other packages, so maybe there's something special in its
dependency tree. That's one of the reasons I'd like to understand from
apt maintainers _why_ apt gets there in the first place.


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