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Re: Bug#770627: dbus: Please (consider) switch(ing) to no-await triggers

On 2014-12-05 05:20, Guillem Jover wrote:
> Hi!
> [...]
>> My question is, crucial for who? If dbus-daemon has not yet reloaded,
>> then dbus-daemon will continue to work fine (it's in a consistent state
>> either way), but the package that shipped the system service or security
>> policy (in #771417 it's systemd) won't necessarily work properly until
>> dbus-daemon has had a chance to reload.
> Crucial for the awaiting package (I'll be updating the docs for 1.18.x).
> So, from your explanation, then in this case they are crucial for the
> activating packages yes, and the bug report against dbus can be closed.


Thanks for the explanation.

I have taken the liberty of closing the dbus issue then (BCC'ed -done
for that bug and Simon to take them out of the loop with this mail).

> Given this, the only options seem to be to possibly change the
> --force-configure-any default to enabled (I'll try to test if this
> helps in the dbus situation) which I'd rather not do (but oh well),
> or disable the triggers dependency checks for jessie (and possibly
> later releases, if apt does not get fixed for jessie) and go back
> to the previous (broken, but known) behavior. :(
> Thanks,
> Guillem

As I mentioned to David/the APT maintainers, I could be interested in
having the patch for #769609 in APT.  @Guillem, do you think that will
deal with the issue?


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