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Re: Bug#761219: debian-policy: document versioned Provides


On Thu, 2014-09-11 at 21:57:57 +0300, Niko Tyni wrote:
> dpkg 1.17.11 and apt 1.0.7 recently implemented support for versioned
> provides. From the dpkg changelog:
>   * Add versioned Provides support:
>     - Add a new dpkg --assert-versioned-provides command.
>     - Packages can provide a specific version, “virtual (= 1.0)” which will
>       be honored, previously it would just be accepted when parsing.
>     - Non-versioned virtual packages will not satisfy versioned dependencies.
>     - Versioned virtual packages will satisfy non-versioned dependencies.

Just a quick note here, I noticed several days ago that I missed
updating the perl code to also handle versioned Provides (so
dpkg-checkbuilddeps will not work on those yet). I've got this fixed
locally pending a bit more testing, but it will make it into 1.17.14,
to be released RSN (i.e. days).


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