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Re: [RFC PATCH 0/2] Running maintscripts for a different architecture

On 31.08.2014 06:39, Guillem Jover wrote:
> Hi!
> On Thu, 2014-08-28 at 14:53:16 +0200, Andreas Oberritter wrote:
>> Because these root filesystems usually are built for an architecture
>> (instruction set) that's incompatible with the build system's CPU, dpkg's
>> habit of chrooting into the 'instdir' before running maintscripts (if
>> the --root option was given) doesn't work.
> Yes, this is something that I've been planning to solve some way or
> another, specially to be able to run functional tests for dpkg itself
> as non-root.
> In any case thanks for the patches! I'll review them next week, as I've
> some pending stuff to do first.

Thank you!

> I'd also like to mention that I noticed the Yocto Project packaging
> dpkg some time ago, and added it to the downstream wiki page
> <https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Dpkg/Downstream>, and that I'd like to
> merge any of the patches that you currently carry that make sense, or
> try to help rework them so that you can avoid needing a delta at all.

That would be great. Many different people contributed patches over
time, and probably some of those patches aren't needed anymore. If you
have questions about specific patches, you may want to ask them at the
OE-Core development list [1]. Some of them include authorship
information. At least the Git history should give some hints.

Patch 1/2 supersedes "preinst.patch" currently used in OE-Core's master
branch. The Yocto project just entered feature freeze, so my changes
won't get merged before release of Yocto 1.7 (about Oct 31st). FWIW, you
can find my current dpkg build recipe and patches at my branch based on
an older Yocto release + backports from master [2].


[1] openembedded-core@lists.openembedded.org

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