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Debian binary diff

Hi all,
       In my work we are using debian obviously... But the most important part
is that is an embedded system very particular. We are using ARM architecture
and the constraint harder that we have is the bandwidth. It's really important
to us reduce the amount of data when we update our system.

So I made an ugly and nasty hack that allow from two debian packages build a
third one with only the changed files. The unchanged files are moved in the
preinst script to a temporal folder and are move back to the original path in
the postinst script. I know, you must be thinking WTF? Such a mess...
Well, yes probably it is. Because of that I'm here telling the problem maybe
there is another approach to do this.

Summarizing, I need to update my system only with the changed files using a
debian package and try to not break the debian database and the filesystem neither.

If you are interested on keep reading... The current procedure is, build the
current package from the filesystem using dpkg-repack (just in case if
something goes wrong, great tool BTW tx joeyh) and after that, install the
package built with the differences of two debian packages (two specific
versions). This method is not robust at all because I need to move files and if
in the middle of the process the system loses power (the energy is not reliable
in the system, so probably it gonna happen from time to time) the filesystem
can be broken.

I've downloaded the dpkg source and I'll try to hack it a little bit to
"support the .debdiff format". But first I want to know if someone has a better
idea or can point me on a better direction.



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