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Re: build profile syntax ideas

Hi Guillem,

Quoting Johannes Schauer (2013-12-04 14:47:38)
> > I've also changed the restrictions logic to match the arch one, because the
> > one proposed here didn't make sense to me in some cases,
> I spent quite some time on it because it's indeed quite confusing.

again two months passed.

Could you share your thoughts to the situation with mixed positive and negative

As I lined out in my last email, the fact that you didnt understand how it was
supposed to work (at least in my head) even though I supplied working unit
tests (which you changed according to your interpretation), might just mean
that they are too complex and confusing to be worth it right now.

What do you think?

We would like to send patches to more tools (like apt) but before that we'd
like to have a clear decision on this issue.

Thanks a lot!

cheers, josch

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