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Comments regarding new strings

while updating the man page translation I noticed the following:

#: deb-control.5:133
msgid ""
"This field is used to indicate how this package should behave on a multi-"
"arch installations. The value B<same> means that the package is co-"
"installable with itself, but it must not be used to satisfy the dependency "
"of any package of a different architecture from itself. The value B<foreign> "
"means that the package is not co-installable with itself, but should be "
"allowed to satisfy the dependency of a package of a different arch from "
"itself. The value B<allowed> allows reverse-dependencies to indicate in "
"their Depends field that they accept a package from a foreign architecture, "
"but has no effect otherwise.  The value B<no> is the default when the field "
"is omitted, in which case the field is generally not needed."

The last sentence sounds strange. If the field is omitted then it is not needed? 

#: dpkg-buildpackage.1:67
msgid ""
"It runs the B<postclean> and if B<-tc> is specified, it will call B<fakeroot "
"debian/rules clean> again."

The word "hook" is missing (it is mentioned in all similar expressions 
in the vincinity).

#: dpkg-buildpackage.1:218
msgid "Pass option I<opt> to I<check-command>."

I belive it should be B<check-command>?


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