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Accepted dpkg 1.17.6 (source amd64 all)

Hash: SHA256

Format: 1.8
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2014 05:29:45 +0100
Source: dpkg
Binary: libdpkg-dev dpkg dpkg-dev libdpkg-perl dselect
Architecture: source amd64 all
Version: 1.17.6
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Dpkg Developers <debian-dpkg@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Guillem Jover <guillem@debian.org>
 dpkg       - Debian package management system
 dpkg-dev   - Debian package development tools
 dselect    - Debian package management front-end
 libdpkg-dev - Debian package management static library
 libdpkg-perl - Dpkg perl modules
Closes: 108196 253265 476221 694524 708033 718295 719348 732648 733326 733746 733980 734114 734783
 dpkg (1.17.6) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Guillem Jover ]
   * Move signing in dpkg-buildpackage to the end of the build.
   * Add new --check-command and --check-option options to dpkg-buildpackage,
     and DEB_CHECK_COMMAND environment variable as a default value, to
     specify a package checker to use before the signing process.
   * Detect a missing gain-root-command even if dpkg-buildpackage is running
     as root.
   * Detect a missing sign-command in dpkg-buildpackage, before starting the
     build, to avoid a failure at the end of the process.
   * Remove trailing newlines from dpkg-deb warning message.
   * Change dpkg-deb conffile name length warning into an error, as dpkg will
     reject those packages at install time anyway.
   * Unify and clarify dpkg-deb and dpkg conffile name length error message.
     Closes: #108196
   * Add new start-stop-daemon --pid option. Closes: #253265
   * Mention Multi-Arch: no value in man pages. Closes: #732648
   * Correctly hyphenate binary-only and source-only in dpkg-buildpackage
     output messages.
   * Use makedev(3) when extracting .deb archives rather than ad-hoc
     computations, to be able to support large major/minor device numbers,
     supported on at least Linux, NetBSD and OpenBSD based systems.
     Thanks to Peter Chang <dpf@google.com>.
   * Turn the ARM Embedded ABI symbols blacklist into a regex, to stop having
     to keep up with the GNU toolchain, or other toolchains emitting different
   * Blacklist GOMP critical section symbols. Closes: #708033
   * Add support for Ignore-Blacklist-Groups field in symbols files, with the
     two available group values aeabi and gomp. Closes: #694524
   * Allow updating checksums in Dpkg::Checksums without erroring out.
   * Add shell hooks support to dpkg-buildpackage, based on the debuild
     implementation in devscripts 2.13.9. Closes: #476221
   * Add support for Testsuite source field.
   * Clarify error message about missing revision in non-native source package.
     Closes: #719348, #733746
   * Set default compression options in source format specific modules instead
     of dpkg-source. This makes sure the correct compression level is set, even
     for “3.0 (native)” packages with non-default compressors. Closes: #733326
   * Change default source package compressor for new formats (>= 2.0) to xz.
   * Ignore the same packages in «dpkg-query --list» when computing the
     column width as when printing the entries. Closes: #734114
   * Do not produce .deb archives with uncompressed gzip members on
     «dpkg-deb -Zgzip -z0», instead create them as non-compressed members,
     as if -Znone had been passed, as documented. Closes: #718295
   * Add support for .deb archives with a control member not compressed
     (control.tar) or compressed with xz (control.tar.xz).
   * Add support for creating uniformly compressed .deb archive members,
     with the new dpkg-deb option --uniform-compression.
   * Fix file descriptor leaks in diversions and statoverride databases.
     Closes: #734783
   * Allow missing prior-version argument in dpkg-maintscript-helper
     dir_to_symlink and symlink_to_dir commands. Closes: #733980
   [ Updated dpkg translations ]
   * Swedish (Peter Krefting).
   * Vietnamese (Trần Ngọc Quân).
   [ Updated scripts translations ]
   * German (Helge Kreutzmann).
   * Swedish (Peter Krefting).
   [ Updated manpages translations ]
   * German (Helge Kreutzmann).
   * Swedish (Peter Krefting).
 17149a077e85450c4d0f157fd68175c038367843 1989 dpkg_1.17.6.dsc
 93d1d55fa82a9bcebfa4f7fdc50f1cb7d1d734e1 3859780 dpkg_1.17.6.tar.xz
 7652783bc417fd8a906e08c7cbb5e1399a829383 755382 libdpkg-dev_1.17.6_amd64.deb
 df4cdec82073940f8c623ae68cc646ca7973cefd 2624918 dpkg_1.17.6_amd64.deb
 3e4762e0cf298a9c2913dc68cae6fdb659a957cb 1015506 dselect_1.17.6_amd64.deb
 5448b4550e1b17f8786751eb6d14a1c66429a4b5 1381378 dpkg-dev_1.17.6_all.deb
 9acc2e4e97157dac242680f7cf55e1c2558f3d71 926988 libdpkg-perl_1.17.6_all.deb
 603b2a9debc695a4c156629447d32ce0f7ec2c376e10c4bdd84dbc98e8279fa9 1989 dpkg_1.17.6.dsc
 96f5cddffbd7557574a90a4b90cb5387c4cd5334011b90b38fe67ebfdf9eb464 3859780 dpkg_1.17.6.tar.xz
 197d1d264723305096bc1810ca53bee1ccf455ecf7fde2babc6aeaa03488d41c 755382 libdpkg-dev_1.17.6_amd64.deb
 6e087d4059f5d09d680881e7f52dbd0307b21d1186bdc39415586830acd1b2de 2624918 dpkg_1.17.6_amd64.deb
 5c0c0f14d81d93b1f8c419bdbb351023cc623fd8ce777dda0877286c2811b418 1015506 dselect_1.17.6_amd64.deb
 e831302d2ed309ae487ac0bce3e2af23b991ae9cfc82c675aaff2948a1477d8a 1381378 dpkg-dev_1.17.6_all.deb
 539bba2f0fef28eac65edadd819daa62119853bdcd1eabf1eaf60b98dd4caf31 926988 libdpkg-perl_1.17.6_all.deb
 30c7bac84b1d4ce8bcdb021cf97dad30 1989 admin required dpkg_1.17.6.dsc
 c87f2ae291d460015353e01d121bea85 3859780 admin required dpkg_1.17.6.tar.xz
 7feb0595f1e32fe7370e49a09b13fc6b 755382 libdevel optional libdpkg-dev_1.17.6_amd64.deb
 7b6c92341cb9cdfa9d34ae499e81ac25 2624918 admin required dpkg_1.17.6_amd64.deb
 7fc31cecda631b7803f2c9fc91f4d654 1015506 admin optional dselect_1.17.6_amd64.deb
 876399b13e36332fe367b7720f5f3a34 1381378 utils optional dpkg-dev_1.17.6_all.deb
 4bc10add44b5430a7fbe72707a5eae67 926988 perl optional libdpkg-perl_1.17.6_all.deb

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