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Next upload 2013-07-26 (dpkg 1.17.0)


I'll be uploading 1.17.0 to unstable on the 26th given the amount of
accumulated changes, even though I've not flushed everything I had
planned to due to real-life events. I've got a last push to make fixing
at least two bug reports, a tiny command-line parsing quirk and
including cherry-picked changes from 1.16.x.

In particular the strings and some more code cleanups are still pending
to be flushed, also improving performance for some perl modules which
I realized will require major surgery, like a new module hierarchy
(sorry Niels!). As mentioned before I'll send a mail when those are
done and people can base off master w/o the dangers of massive merge
conflicts, I'll try to prioritize these for the beginning of 1.17.1

This version contains some pre-announced major changes that might
break stuff, like .deb xz compression by default (switching 3.0 source
formats is pending a discussion I'll start on debian-devel), removal
of obsolete wrappers and similar. The only unnanounced change that
will break _very few_ buggy packages is the (non-)native version
strictness for new source formats.


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