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Re: Bug#582109: debian-policy: document triggers where appropriate


On Wed, 17 Jul 2013, Charles Plessy wrote:
> About the problem of triggers being called with Depends not satisfied, can you
> give more explanations or suggest some text for the warning ?  Would it be
> enough to add a notice that the triggered postinst script may be called when
> the package is "Unpacked", which is a state that does not require that the
> packages that are depended on are configured ?

Julien is referring to this bug:

It might be fixed for jessie, at least I hope so, but he seems to doubt

> Also, if you think that triggers will give us problems for the Jessie release,
> may I suggest that you give it a broad audience on debian-devel ?  As a
> maintainer of a package that has triggers, I am definitely interested to learn
> if there is something I should give particular attention there.

One of the main things to do is to switch as many packages as possible to
use the interest-noawait directive when possible.

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