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Re: [Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Bug#716948: initscripts: Removes bootlogd conf files even if bootlogd is installed

Dpkg maintainers, could you please have a look at this?  I'm not sure if
this is a dpkg-maintscript-helper bug, or expected behavior that will
require bypassing dpkg-maintscript-helper to overcome.

On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 11:24:26AM +0200, Christian Hofstaedtler wrote:
> Package: initscripts
> Version: 2.88dsf-42
> Severity: normal

> Dear Maintainer,

> I've just upgraded from 2.88dsf-41, and now these files are missing:
>   /etc/init.d/stop-bootlogd-single
>   /etc/init.d/stop-bootlogd

> Note that I do have bootlogd installed (2.88dsf-42).

> Also, initscripts removed /etc/init.d/bootlogd, causing dpkg to prompt because
> of a conffile modification during 'Setting up bootlogd'.

These init scripts are all conffiles that previously belonged to
'initscripts' (pre-wheezy), and now belong to the 'bootlogd' package
instead.  On a continuously upgraded squeeze->wheezy system, the relevant
bits in /var/lib/dpkg/status look like this:

Package: bootlogd
Status: install ok installed
 /etc/init.d/bootlogd 132a5593031c72ae09b940b49bbc0ad8
 /etc/init.d/stop-bootlogd 4544c7e1a2d0c713d29424d02faad237
 /etc/init.d/stop-bootlogd-single 648d8624e708151500c5e299a6005afe

Package: initscripts
Status: install ok installed
 /etc/init.d/stop-bootlogd-single 648d8624e708151500c5e299a6005afe obsolete
 /etc/init.d/stop-bootlogd 4544c7e1a2d0c713d29424d02faad237 obsolete
 /etc/init.d/bootlogd 267ceea04f703171e6c62f506fda3305 obsolete

In initscripts 2.88dsf-42, a debhelper .maintscript rule has been added
which does:

 rm_conffile /etc/init.d/bootlogd 2.88dsf-42 initscripts
 rm_conffile /etc/init.d/stop-bootlogd-single 2.88dsf-42 initscripts
 rm_conffile /etc/init.d/stop-bootlogd 2.88dsf-42 initscripts

In the maintainer scripts, this translates into rules such as:

 dpkg-maintscript-helper rm_conffile /etc/init.d/bootlogd 2.88dsf-42 initscripts -- "$@"

I would expect dpkg-maintscript-helper to know that these conffiles are no
longer owned by the initscripts package, and therefore not remove them.  Is
this a wrong assumption?

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