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Re: Bug#582109: debian-policy: document triggers where appropriate


On Sun, 12 May 2013, Charles Plessy wrote:
>           <p>
>             The <tt>*-noawait</tt> directives should be used unless the 
>             packages awaiting triggers can not satisfy <tt>Depends</tt>
>             relationships until the triggers have been processed.  
>             In that case, the <tt>interest</tt> or <tt>activate</tt> directives
>             should be used, as they will put the triggering packges in the
>             "Triggers-Awaited" state, which does not satisfy dependencies.
>             Note that pakcages unnecessarly entering this state can cause the


>             early processing of triggers or even dependency loops.
>           </p>
> I also added "through the <tt>interst</tt> or <tt>activate</tt> directives"
> after "When a configured package activates a trigger".
> I applied the other changes you proposed as well, with minor rewording:
> -           <prgn>dpkg</prgn> keeps a list, <tt>Triggers-Awaited</tt> of
> -           interested packages whose trigger processing is awaited.  Every
> +           <prgn>dpkg</prgn> keeps a list of interested packages whose trigger
> +           processing is awaited, which is stored in the
> +           <tt>Triggers-Awaited</tt> field in dpkg's status database.  Every
> I attached an updated version of the patch.

Thanks, I agree that your improved wording is better. Seconded.

Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Debian Developer

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