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Re: build profile syntax ideas


Quoting David Kalnischkies (2013-04-28 17:54:41)
> "=" is in so far taken as a separator between package name and version.
> So we would get something like:
> apt-get install <packagename>(X<scope>Y<value>)*(:<arch>)?(=<version>)?
> At least apt-get would need to decide if "foo:armel=1.0-1" is a profile or
> an architecture and a version …

Right. I forgot you can do that with apt-get (and must admit I also never used
this feature). Even worse, with Y="=" the following would be possible:

apt-get install foo:profile=stage1=1.0-1

Then lets pick

Y = "."

for now.

cheers, josch

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