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Re: glibc independent packages

Kevin Bortis <wermut@gmail.com> writes:

> Yesterday, I tried to setup a multiarch system with amd64 and the
> recently added architecture musl-linux-amd64 that uses the musl-libc
> instead of the GNU glibc. After setting up a working toolchain, it
> worked well building some packages for the musl-linux-amd64 port. One
> big problem was, that most, if not all packages depend on glibc,
> glibc-dev or libc-dev. I asked myself how this could be solved by not
> introducing a mess in the package control files.

What if you had musl-libc-dev Provide libc-dev (or even libc6-dev), and
then made sure it was already installed on your build daemon?  Nearly all
of the libc6 dependencies should come from shlibs, so as you rebuild
packages in that environment, your new packages will acquire dependencies
on the musl-libc instead.  This is similar to your solution 3 but
shouldn't require any changes to the glibc packages.

> solution 3: Create metapackage libc-dev and let glibc-dev,
> musl-libc-dev and possible others provide libc-dev.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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