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[ASK] Tracking Package Dependencies in /var/cache/apt/archives

Hello, my name is Ade Malsasa Akbar. I have a question about dpkg and similiar package management tools.


I have downloaded Netbeans after 20+ another applications (Eclipse, pbuilder, Quassel, etc.). There are hundreds of DEB there. I use Ubuntu 12.04 now.

I don't know which DEB dependencies in the cache for Netbeans. I can't distinct which are DEB dependencies for netbeans between those hundreds of DEB there.

I wanna track/filter/find DEB dependencies exactly for Netbeans (no others) from cache for doing sudo dpkg -i *.deb in my another PCs with same Ubuntu 12.04 version. Assume I have 30 PCs. I wanna install Netbeans offline, because no bandwidth for downloading again.

What Makes I Brave to Wish:
When I do sudo dpkg -i *.deb in a folder contains only Netbeans and DEB dependency packages, dpkg can track which package to install first, which to next, what's next, until end. It can track dependencies of many DEB in one folder, in local directory. And this type of installation is so useful in low internet bandwidth country like Indonesia, my country.

What I Don't Wish:
Standard preparation mode for offline installation in case you can see this page for example: http://www.tuxradar.com/answers/517. I don't want that method because I have all I need in my cache, I don't want to download again. That waste my limited bandwidth.
Method of Aptoncd. I wanna Netbeans only, not whole DEB of my cache.

How to do dependency tracking only for Netbeans (only Netbeans, not others) with all file name completely shown? It should complete and not only front name like kde-standard or build-essential. I wanna command result like this:

Dependencies for Netbeans in the /var/cache/apt/archives:

I know only apt-cache, apt-rdepends, apt-offline, and dpkg -l packagename. Only them. I have read some documentations like dpkg manpage, apt-offline manpage, a webupd8 page, a debianadmin manual, and more. All not satisfy my curiosity. Only apt-cache depends packagename that almost perfectly suite my wish. Any solution from you all? Thank you before.

Respect from Indonesia.

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