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cross builds don't just require alternate b-d's, but additional ones too

For toolchain packages like gcc-4.7, you can't deduce the build dependencies
automatically. Cross building the gcc-4.7 package (not building the cross
compiler) requires additional build dependencies, which for a native build are
used from the current build. These are:

  g++-multilib-<target-triplet> [<target-multilib-archs>]
  gobjc++-multilib-<target-triplet> [<target-multilib-archs>]
  gfortran-multilib-<target-triplet> [<target-multilib-archs>]
  gccgo-multilib-<target-triplet> [<target-multilib-archs>]

If these should not be hard-coded in the build tools, then we do need some
syntax for the control file to specify these cross build dependencies, best in a
way which is independent of the target architecture.


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