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dpkg 1.16.9 string changes and translation updates


Recently while doing code staring I found a dpkg database corruption
scenario, which requires a new error string, at which point I thought
it would make sense to include two other string changing commits I had
postponed because on their own they didn't seem worth it. The other two
commits are to improve strings to clarify the reason for the multiarch
database inconsistencies, and to update the u-a man page to match the
implementation. I've unfuzzied several u-a strings already, though.

This is now in git master, and I'm Bcc'ing translators for which their
language was fully translated, with links to the latest .po files
(a full CfT seemed overkill for the amount that needs updating). Feel
free to either commit directly to master if you already have commit
access or send updates (new .po files or patches) directly to me or as
bug reports. I'll handle them after the weekend, and I'm planning to do
the upload next week or so if most of the updates came through. But if
this is a too tight schedule, do not worry too much, I can easily do
a subsequent upload with translation updates only, for anyone who got
left behind.

PO updates

To get the latest .po files you can either use the URLs below replacing
NN with your locale code, or just by cloning the git repository:

  $ git clone git://anonscm.debian.org/dpkg/dpkg.git

Languages with programs fully translated (cs de eo fr it ja pl pt ru sk
sv zh_TW) became 1064t2f1u:


Languages with man pages fully translated (de fr pl sv) became 2107t3f:


Current language stats

Of course if your translation is not complete or even started, you still
might have time to try to get it to 100%. Here's the current stats:

    \ Section
Lang \         dselect/po     man/po         po             scripts/po
ast                                          608t347f112u
bs             62t5f203u                     8t46f1013u
ca             270t                          728t253f86u    143t121f270u
cs             270t                          1064t2f1u
da             270t                          728t253f86u
de             270t           2107t3f        1064t2f1u      534t
dz                                           436t449f182u
el             241t19f10u                    512t396f159u
eo                                           1064t2f1u
es             270t           1868t158f84u   757t254f56u    534t
et             220t10f40u                    242t381f444u
eu             270t                          728t249f90u
fr             270t           2107t3f        1064t2f1u      534t
gl             258t9f3u                      513t397f157u
hu             178t12f80u     84t492f1534u   407t446f214u
id             245t19f6u                     728t249f90u
it             245t19f6u                     1064t2f1u
ja             270t           1917t135f58u   1064t2f1u
km                                           427t450f190u
ko             253t12f5u                     728t249f90u
ku                                           66t219f782u
lt                                           352t365f350u
mr                                           414t463f190u
nb             263t6f1u                      728t253f86u
ne                                           436t445f186u
nl             263t6f1u                      436t444f187u
nn             241t19f10u                    364t447f256u
pa                                           83t273f711u
pl             270t           2107t3f        1064t2f1u      534t
pt             258t9f3u                      1064t2f1u
pt_BR          258t9f3u       87t641f1382u   514t400f153u
ro             258t9f3u                      728t249f90u
ru             270t           165t616f1329u  1064t2f1u      534t
sk             270t                          1063t3f1u
sv             270t           2107t3f        1064t2f1u      534t
th                                           728t253f86u
tl             241t19f10u                    365t446f256u
vi             245t19f6u                     727t250f90u
zh_CN          245t19f6u                     728t249f90u
zh_TW          270t                          1064t2f1u


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