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Re: Moving debian/* to non-standard location

On Sun, 2012-09-09 at 03:11 +0200, Guillem Jover wrote:
> Hi!

Hey Guillem.

> This is not really supported (or at least not generally tested), and
> there's probably a ton of software with the assumption that the
> directory and companion files are located in the topdir of the
> source tree.

That's what I figured.

> You still might (?) be able to concoct a command-line invokation to
> dpkg-buildpackage that passes enough information to the inferior dpkg
> tools so that the packaging can be relocated. Stuff like -R for
> dpkg-buildpackage; -c, -l, -T, -f for dpkg-genchanges via
> --changes-option, etc, etc. I don't think debhelper might be happy
> with the new path though.
> But then it might be just easier to install the packaging files into
> the expected place at source distribution time («make dist» in
> autotools parlance) through a “dist hook” for example.

Yes, I think that could work. The only problem is that I still couldn't
run dpkg-buildpackage from the root on its own.

> I realize the rpm spec files might seem like being advantageous on
> this, but then it's usually not recommended to have packaging on the
> upstream tree, 

Yes, I'm familiar with this line of thinking. My project has a few
unique considerations that make maintaining its packages upstream
convenient both for its maintainers and its users though.

> and an even “easier” way might be to just stick the
> packaging in its own branch on the source repository, which would
> then not clutter your normal project tree.

As in in a separate repository? That could work too.

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