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Re: Bug#180128: state of integration of dpkg-cross into dpkg

+++ Neil Williams [2012-07-22 17:05 +0100]:
> On Wed, 18 Jul 2012 19:11:38 +0200
> Guillem Jover <guillem@debian.org> wrote:
> > So, was checking this (and also the dpkg roadmap) and was wondering what
> > else is still missing to be merged from dpkg-cross? If the only problem
> > is the listed below, then it'd seem this bug has been resolved and it
> > can be closed.
> One unresolved issue is the cache values and architecture support:
> where to put the cross- config settings currently implemented
> in /etc/dpkg-cross/cross* which pass the architecture-specific values
> to autotools projects. CC'ing debian-embedded for more input on
> that. 

> The rest of this problem comes down to individual packages:
> 0: packages using custom config scripts instead of pkg-config
> 1: packages which have m4 macros which don't handle cross-building
> cleanly, e.g. AC_TRY_RUN without fallbacks.

It was sugested at the multiarch-cross BOF at debconf this year that we
create a 'crossbuild-support' package to take over these various glue
functions from dpkg-cross. That could just stay named 'dpkg-cross' for
simplicity but if we are going to drop all the cross-conversion
functionality and add a load of other stuff, a name change makes

> Therefore, I think this bug will need to remain open, unless dpkg
> maintainers do not wish to integrate the cross architecture-specific
> metadata at all. (This data does not change until a new port is
> accepted by dpkg or an old port removed, at which point it is just a
> single file addition/removal containing data provided by the porters.)

I don't think that dpkg is the right place for this data. We want to
be able to update it easily without having to mess with important
things like dpkg. The core cross functionality is now in dpkg and apt.
We should discuss where remaining stuff like autoconf cache variables,
triplet-prefixed commands like <triplet>-pkg-config and
<triplet>-config scripts, cross-build-essential package lists and the
like should live, but I don't currently see good arguments to put any
more of it into dpkg. 

If we are agreed on that then this bug is indeed closed. 

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