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unblock: dpkg/1.16.8 (Re: debian-cd BoF at DebConf)

retitle 681332 unblock: dpkg/1.16.8

Julien Cristau wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 20:12:32 -0500, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

>> Dpkg development has been happening pretty quickly lately, so there
>> are a lot of changes between the versions in wheezy and sid.
> At this point quick development should target experimental, not sid.

Yes, sorry for the lack of clarity.  When I said lately, I meant the
month before the freeze started.  Though that's neither here nor

Among the changes I listed, a few seem especially important:

    Translation updates: sv de fr ja ca it sk es zh_TW ru pl da eo

    #678933 Error out instead of writing an invalid ar file when
    member name or size is too large

    #679641 dpkg: Use SELinux raw context API to avoid relying
    on the mcstransd daemon during unpack [since not having that
    makes upgrading policycoreutils complicated]

    #643043 dpkg-source learns --no-unapply-patches.

    #627333 start-stop-daemon learns --no-close.

    #676232 Add support for Architecture-qualified dependencies like
    Depends: libc6:amd64 (>= 2.14)

    #558095 Add support for :native syntax for Build-Depends.

However, I can understand if you want to delay architecture-qualified
dependencies and build-dependencies, since as interfaces those are
subtle.  On the gripping hand, no packages in the archive use those
constructs, so in a way, adding support for them is safe.

For most changes it would be easy to prepare an upload for t-p-u once
it is clear which changes are wanted, but not so for the translation
updates.  It might be easier to selectively revert changes if there
are some changes you're worried about.

Compressed debdiff attached.  Generated with

	debdiff dpkg_1.16.4.3.dsc dpkg_1.16.8.dsc |

	# Exclude translations and autotools-generated files
	filterdiff -x '*.po' -x '*.pot' -x '*/man/*/*' -x '*.in' -x '*/aclocal.m4' |

	# Exclude compiled message catalogs (.gmo files)
	grep -v '^Binary files'


   3.3% debian/
   6.3% lib/dpkg/
   3.1% man/
   6.9% scripts/Dpkg/Source/Package/V3/
   3.0% scripts/Dpkg/Source/Package/
   5.8% scripts/Dpkg/Source/
   6.3% scripts/Dpkg/
   7.1% scripts/
  12.2% src/

 123 files changed, 3700 insertions(+), 848 deletions(-)

The percentages add up to 54% because 46% of the change is in
ChangeLog (1813 lines).

Hope that helps,

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