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Re: debian-cd BoF at DebConf


Cyril Brulebois wrote:

> dpkg's current diff between testing and unstable, once *.po and *.gmo
> stripped is:
>  323 files changed, 7307 insertions(+), 4626 deletions(-)
> There's #681332 about that, which was left unanswered.

Dpkg development has been happening pretty quickly lately, so there
are a lot of changes between the versions in wheezy and sid.

* Version number bumped
* Translation updates: sv de fr ja ca it sk es zh_TW ru pl da eo
* Documentation improvements: deb(5) deb-src-control(5)
* Bugfixes:

    #652970 3.0 (quilt): More graceful reporting of and recovery from
    patch application errors

    dpkg-source --commit: Clean up on failure.

    dpkg-parsechangelog: Correct capitalization of fields when
    reporting errors.

    #677631 dpkg-source: Avoid warning noise when HOME is unset.

    (non-Debian) Add a dummy symbol to libcompat so unpleasant
    toolchains can still cope with it.

    #678933 Error out instead of writing an invalid ar file when
    member name or size is too large

    #640676 dpkg-shlibdeps: Report bogus Build-Depends using a
    sane message instead of a "use of undefined value" warning.

    #679641 dpkg: Use SELinux raw context API to avoid relying
    on the mcstransd daemon during unpack.

* Features:

    3.0 (quilt): When regenerating the automatic patch, keep comments
    leading up to the patch from the old version, since they might
    contain useful information.

    dpkg-source --commit: Automatically add modified binary files to

    #643043 dpkg-source learns --no-unapply-patches.

    #664058 dpkg-buildflags learns --status.

    #440094 Add support for "binary-only" changelog field and use it
    to detect source version (though the old heuristic of detecting
    +b<num> is still supported, too).

    #675333 dpkg-source -b: Take architecture wildcards into account
    when removing repeated arches in the resulting source control and
    changes files.

    #627333 start-stop-daemon learns --no-close.

    dpkg-query learns --control-list and --control-show.

    #679010 update-alternatives --query, --config have more useful

    #621763 Buffer I/O errors and errors in the dpkg-query --show
    format argument are reported more cleanly.

    #624000 Avoid full stop and double newline at the end of errors
    and warnings

    Change short name for --help to -? instead of -h.

    dpkg-mergechangelogs --help output is more consistent with
    other commands.

    #676232 Add support for Architecture-qualified dependencies like
    Depends: libc6:amd64 (>= 2.14)

    #558095 Add support for :native syntax for Build-Depends.

    #673190 dpkg-query -l adds an Architecture column.

    More consistently uses US English spelling in documentation and
    error messages.

* Cleanup:

    Dpkg::Source::Functions::is_binary(): Don't clobber $_.

    Dpkg::Source::Package::V2: Make binary file handling into a
    dedicated BinaryFiles class.

    New Dpkg::Source::Quilt module, split off from

    Dpkg::Control::Fields: Remove obsolete changelog fields
    Timestamp, Header, Items, Trailer, Urgency_comment, Urgency_lc
    from field order.

    Use new notice() function (which takes care of the program
    name and trailing newline, making the list of translated strings
    saner) for notices to stderr instead of using fprintf directly.

* Packaging:

    Source package compression switched to xz.

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