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Re: architecture-specific dependencies on virtual packages

Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> David Kalnischkies wrote:

>>                      in this example:
>>   Package: foobar
>>   Architecture: amd64
>>   Depends: package-bar
>> that last line is in fact read as:
>>   Depends: package-bar:amd64
> Why?  I don't think that would help humans any more than reading it as
>     Depends: package-bar (>= -infinity)
> (if there were a syntax for -∞).

In fact, that reading seems problematic, though I could easily be
missing something.  If package-bar has "Multi-arch: foreign", then

	Architecture: amd64
	Depends: package-bar

satisfied by package-bar:i386, while

	Architecture: amd64
	Depends: package-bar:amd64

is not?

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