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dpkg-buildpackage and debhelper: removed debian/tmp

Hi all,

I'm not sure whether that's the suitable mailing list, so if theres a better one I would really appreciate a hint.

I'm trying to build a package using dpkg-buildpackage and debhelper.

dh binary
	rm -f debian/mypackage.substvars
	rm -f debian/mypackage.*.debhelper
	rm -rf debian/mypackage/
	rm -rf debian/tmp
	install -d debian/mypackage
install -d debian/mypackage/usr/bin debian/mypackage/var/mypackage/nv debian/mypackage/var/log/mypackage
	cp -a debian/tmp/bin/mybin debian/mypackage/usr/bin/
cp: cannot stat `debian/tmp/bin/mybin': No such file or directory

It's obvious that dh_install can't find the file in debian/tmp because dh_prep just removed the dir three steps before. That's somehow strange, since dh_install will look for files in debian/tmp per default.

Do I miss something? Why does dh_prep remove a dir that dh_install will use per default?

Any help would be appreciated, thx

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