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Re: Bug#678674: initscripts: upgrade to Wheezy leaves obsolete configs

2012/6/23 Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com>:
> [Roger Leigh]
>> If you do have any ideas about how this can be safely handled, we
>> would of course be very happy to hear them.
> What about changing them in the bootlogd package, and check if the md5sum
> of the scripts are the ones from the old initscripts package or the new
> bootlogd package?  It would make it possible to detect if ti is the old
> ones from initscripts or the new ones from bootlogd.
> Are you sure they are listed as obsolete by dpkg when both initscripts
> and bootlogd are installed?  I doubt it, but have not tested it.

I don't have bootlogd installed.

However, I'm starting to feel that we need a proper
dpkg-maintscript-helper method to deal with config files that change
package ownership, especially in cases when the new package that
adopts some config files won't necessarily be pulled in as a Depends
or Recommends of the old package.

I'd really welcome the feedback of dpkg maintainers on how this could
be best handled.


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