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Re: RFC: Proposal to combine diversions and Replaces into DEBIAN/replaces

Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@gmail.com> writes:

> Sato Mayamoto wrote:
>> Is it too complicated to have a kind of automatization for divert as
>> a feature in deb-packages?
> It sounds like a good feature if someone has time to work on it.  In
> fact, I think someone did a Google summer of code project on it last
> summer, though they were not very active on this list proposing design
> or initial patches.
> I imagine that the people on this list would be happy to help out with
> anyone working on that.  As a first step in reviving the effort, maybe
> it would make sense to describe what effect a declared diversion
> should have at each stage of the package installation and removal
> process.  What happens at preinst, postinst, prerm, and postrm time?
> Especially: what happens during upgrades to a version without the
> diversion?  What happens if two packages declare a diversion for the
> same file?
> Jonathan

The behaviour would be what is currently done with dpkg-divert in
maintainer script for the usual use case of dpkg-divert. Just that it
would do it automatically for each file listed (or no longer listed :).


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