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Next upload 2012-06-06 (dpkg 1.16.4)


I'll be uploading 1.16.4 to unstable late tomorrow. I've local changes
in master with several bug fixes and stuff which I'll try to push

Then I've also the two trigger RC bugs, one of which I've fixed and
the other I'm looking how to best fix, which I want to triple-check
before the release. The liblzma switch which I need to merge. And
finally the strings cleanup, which I think will merge partially and
might leave some for 1.16.5, so I'd advise translators to not start
yet on updating stuff until this is finished. There should be some
time during the 1.16.5 cycle and even after that during the freeze
once the code has stabilized and no more big changes will happen.

Because it's not clear (exact date) when the freeze will happen, I'm
planning to have a really quick 1.16.5, in probably less than two
weeks, before the 17th most probably.


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