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Re: [SCM] dpkg's main repository branch, master, updated. 1.16.2-81-g3d5278b

>> This seems to break dpkg-genchanges, e.g. when building acpid:
> And it will break many infrastructure tools. I know that various QA tools
> build the path name directly from the package name and the version without
> referring to any "Packages" files. And they explicitely strip the epoch
> when doing so...

Uh, yes, such a major change shouldn't make it into any dpkg in use
until it got properly discussed and tools adapted.

> It means the archive will be inconsistent during quite a long time with
> packages where the epoch is and is not in the filename.

The archive won't "break", I think, from a quick look - it will just refuse
to process any upload of a package with files with an epoch in it for
not finding the files. No wonder, they unexpectedly changed names.

> IMO this change needs further discussion and buy in before being deployed.


bye, Joerg
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