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Temporary Files in Packages

Hello all,

I'm not sure if this is the best list for this question so please
correct me if not.

I am putting together some packages for our internal servers and have an
SQL file that I need to run on the database during the package install.
 I realize I could put the .sql file in /tmp and simply remove it after
I've successfully imported it into the mysql database like this:

service mysqld stop
mysqld --bootstrap < /tmp/dbscript.sql
service mysqld start
rm /tmp/dbscript.sql

But I am wondering if there is a better place for this?  For example if
I include the .sql file in the control.tar.gz file (where the postinst
script is) can I access that somehow via the postinst script?  Or is
there some other temporary location I can include in my .deb's that will
be accessible during postinst?

I hope this makes sense!


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