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Re: Bug#571776: document symbols

On Fri, 13 Jan 2012, Russ Allbery wrote:
> >> 	    For our example, the <tt>zlib1g</tt> <file>symbols</file> file
> >> 	    would contain:
> >> 	    <example compact="compact">
> >>  * Build-Depends-Package: zlib1g-dev
> >> 	    </example>
> >> 	    (Don't forget the leading space.)
> > What leading space are you referring to ?
> I now have:
> 	    (Don't forget the space before the <tt>*</tt> so that it will
> 	    be parsed as part of the entry for that library.)
> Due to the way that the formatting of Policy works, it's very hard to tell
> that there's a space there, and unlike with symbols where the indentation
> is fairly obvious, it's not completely obvious that it's required.

There is no leading space before the "*". Just like "|" it must be
on the first column to differentiate with symbol definitions which do have
a leading space on their lines.

> Thanks for the review!

All the other corrections you made are fine. Thanks!

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