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Re: Multiarch interfaces: print foreign arches, pkgname I/O

On Wed, 28 Dec 2011, Guillem Jover wrote:
> > I don't know how APT in squeeze behaves but the main problem pointed out
> > so far is rather that it would use non-arch qualified package to refer to
> > "M-A: same" packages of the native arch already installed and that dpkg
> > should not blow up on this.
> What I read as a problem was that apt cannot use arch-qualified
> pkgnames unconditionally w/o possibly breaking the upgrade, but using
> --assert-multi-arch solves that, so besides fixing apt I don't see
> any other real problem here. Not arch-qualifying always “M-A: same”
> packages, brings the problems I've stated on this thread.

Yes, I think we can agree that between APT and dpkg, we ought to
arch-qualify all M-A: same packages. But the fact is that the squeeze
version of APT doesn't do this and that squeeze's APT with
wheezy's dpkg should still work together. 

And because of this dpkg must accept "dpkg -r foo" even if foo is M-A:
same. Failing is not an option and foo:* is not really what APT meant

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