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Re: libqwt-dev: apt reinstalls the package

forcemerge 631816 633943

Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Raphael Hertzog wrote:

>> It's accepted by dpkg at least. Why would it be invalid?
> It all depends on how one interprets the phrase "may not" in the
> following sentence describing debian_version
> 	It is optional; if it isn't present then the upstream_version
> 	may not contain a hyphen.

Oops --- I can't read.  Thanks.

After rereading it again, I think what was confusing me is that
I read the subject of this sentence as being <debian_revision>, rather
than the entire "-<debian_revision>" part.

With the latter interpretation, it seems possible to view 6.0.0- as a
valid version number with debian_revision part present but an empty

And based on

	The package management system will break the version number
	apart at the last hyphen in the string (if there is one) to
	determine the upstream_version and debian_revision. The
	absence of a debian_revision is equivalent to a
	debian_revision of 0

it seems safe to assume that it would represent the same version as

Eugene, does this sound sensible to you?  Any ideas for clarifying the
text either way?


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