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Re: Cross-grading support

On Tue, 13 Dec 2011, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> So this change will break other stuff. You need to carefully review other
> parts of the code with this in mind.
> Given this is a change in the underlying specifications used during my
> development, it obviously breaks my test suite.

FWIW the attached patch represents the changes in the specification (to be
applied on top of pu/multiarch of my pkg-tests.git). But the test suite
does not work even with this change. So this confirms what I said.

The test suite also suffers from the ambiguity of the package name input.
We're testing cross-grading... shall I refer to "foo:all" instead of "foo"
after a switch from "Arch: any, M-A: same" to "Arch: all" to avoid any
problem if foo == foo:* ?

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diff --git a/t-multiarch/Makefile b/t-multiarch/Makefile
index ebb5e54..da24f78 100644
--- a/t-multiarch/Makefile
+++ b/t-multiarch/Makefile
@@ -208,10 +208,10 @@ test-crossgrade-any-all-%: ma-setup
 	$(call pkg_is_not_installed,pkg-ma-$*)
 	# M-A: $* / Upgrade from arch: any-foreign -> all
 	$(DPKG_INSTALL) pkg-ma-$*_1.0_$(FOREIGN_ARCH).deb
-	! $(DPKG_INSTALL) pkg-ma-$*_1.0_all.deb
-	$(call pkg_is_installed,pkg-ma-$*:$(FOREIGN_ARCH))
-	$(call pkg_is_not_installed,pkg-ma-$*)
-	$(DPKG_PURGE) pkg-ma-$*:$(FOREIGN_ARCH)
+	$(DPKG_INSTALL) pkg-ma-$*_1.0_all.deb
+	$(call pkg_is_not_installed,pkg-ma-$*:$(FOREIGN_ARCH))
+	$(call pkg_is_installed,pkg-ma-$*)
+	$(DPKG_PURGE) pkg-ma-$*
 test-crossgrade-all-any-%: ma-setup
 	# M-A: $* / Upgrade from arch: all -> any-native
@@ -224,10 +224,10 @@ test-crossgrade-all-any-%: ma-setup
 	$(call pkg_is_not_installed,pkg-ma-$*:$(NATIVE_ARCH))
 	# M-A: $* / Upgrade from arch: all -> any-foreign
 	$(DPKG_INSTALL) pkg-ma-$*_1.0_all.deb
-	! $(DPKG_INSTALL) pkg-ma-$*_1.0_$(FOREIGN_ARCH).deb
-	$(call pkg_is_not_installed,pkg-ma-$*:$(FOREIGN_ARCH))
-	$(call pkg_is_installed,pkg-ma-$*)
-	$(DPKG_PURGE) pkg-ma-$*
+	$(DPKG_INSTALL) pkg-ma-$*_1.0_$(FOREIGN_ARCH).deb
+	$(call pkg_is_installed,pkg-ma-$*:$(FOREIGN_ARCH))
+	$(call pkg_is_not_installed,pkg-ma-$*)
+	$(DPKG_PURGE) pkg-ma-$*:$(FOREIGN_ARCH)
 test-crossgrade-same-all: ma-setup
 	# Several M-A: same installed, can't upgrade to single arch all

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