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Re: disabling syncs ( was: suite wide config options? )

Phillip Susi wrote:

> What does keeping it out of dpkg gain?

Maintainability.  Running "eatmydata dpkg -i <foo>.deb" disables
fsyncs in maintainer scripts, too, which might match the desired
behavior better.  (On the other hand, if you only want to suppress
fsync()s in admindir, perhaps because you keep it on a different
filesystem, then you'd need a finer-tuned interface than either
"dpkg --force-something" or eatmydata can provide.  When that
happens, it's probably best to implement it once in eatmydata,
where the logic can be reused by other apps, too.)

No strong opinion from me about what's the right choice in this
particular case, though.

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