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Accepted dpkg 1.16.1 (source all amd64)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 06:00:11 +0200
Source: dpkg
Binary: libdpkg-dev dpkg dpkg-dev libdpkg-perl dselect
Architecture: source amd64 all
Version: 1.16.1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Dpkg Developers <debian-dpkg@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Guillem Jover <guillem@debian.org>
 dpkg       - Debian package management system
 dpkg-dev   - Debian package development tools
 dselect    - Debian package management front-end
 libdpkg-dev - Debian package management static library
 libdpkg-perl - Dpkg perl modules
Closes: 147583 231089 245322 293280 308082 454694 489771 525160 526774 552123 560070 560251 603435 604241 606839 608260 610940 615899 616609 619131 620312 620490 620520 621066 622094 626684 627462 628055 628726 629582 630533 630996 631435 631439 631494 631547 631757 631808 632168 632937 633539 633627 634510 634961 635467 635683 636700 637096 637564 638291 639229 639997 640198 640298 641834
 dpkg (1.16.1) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Raphaël Hertzog ]
   * Dpkg::Deps: Implement new "reset" method and bump module version to 1.01
     due to this.
   * Improved description of --search in dpkg-query(1). Closes: #621066
     Thanks to Lars Buitinck <larsmans@gmail.com> for the patch.
   * Let update-alternatives fsync() its administrative files before
     moving them in place to avoid empty files with some filesystems.
     LP: #344019
   * Tighten the regexp used by dpkg-source to ignore the .pc directory of
     quilt. Thanks to Mike Hommey for noticing the problem.
   * Change behaviour of dpkg-source's --extend-diff-ignore to also
     extend the current diff-ignore if it has already been set.
   * Fix dependency checking code to consider a dependency on a virtual
     package provided by a package in triggers-pending status as satisfied.
   * Do not fail when encountering a pre-dependency in triggers-awaited state,
     instead process the awaited triggers. Closes: #526774
   * "any" no longer hides "all" in the Architecture field of a .dsc.
   * Fix dpkg --remove to really remove the triggers from the various
     internal files in /var/lib/dpkg/info/triggers/. Closes: #525160
   * Avoid a perl warning in dpkg-gensymbols when no symbols file has been
     generated (because it would have been empty). Closes: #626684
   * Re-enable the Package-List field but drop the Architecture column since we
     have no clear use case yet. It can always be added later on.
     Also drop the source line since it duplicates other fields.
     Closes: #619131
   * Add the extraction part of Dpkg::Source::Package to the supported API.
     Useful to extract source packages without having to depend on dpkg-source
     (and hence dpkg-dev).
   * Add the Dpkg::Vendor module to the supported API. Useful for lintian
     when dpkg-dev is absent.
   * Check presence of required parameters in dpkg-vendor. Closes: #628726
     Thanks to Niels Thykier <niels@thykier.net> for the patch.
   * Avoid a Perl warning in dpkg-buildflags when HOME is not set.
     Closes: #635467
   * dpkg-source can now also use debian/source/local-patch-header (that is not
     included in the generated source package) instead of
     debian/source/patch-header. Closes: #629582
   * Changed dpkg-source --after-build to automatically unapply patches that it
     has applied during --before-build.
   * Fix two possible causes for the assertion failure "pigp->trigpend_head".
     LP: #798793, #424358 Closes: #560251
   * Use "special" instead of "particular" to qualify the "3.0 (custom)" format
     in dpkg-source(1). Closes: #631435
   * Add some supplementary checks to ensure debian/control has the required
     fields. Closes: #631439
   * dpkg-gensymbols(1): document syntax of comments. Closes: #630996
   * Allow empty lines in symbols files to better delimit multiple libraries.
     Thanks to Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> for the patch.
   * dpkg: if "prerm upgrade" fails when downgrading, do not try to run
     "prerm failed-upgrade" with the prerm of the oldest prerm, it can't work
     around a bug of a newer prerm anyway.
   * dpkg: support new "interest-noawait" and "activate-noawait" trigger
   * dpkg-buildflags(1): make it clear that DEB_*_(SET|APPEND) environment
     variables are meant for users and should not be used by packages.
   * update-alternatives: do not allow to reuse a slave link in another
     slave alternative. Closes: #631547
   * Improve dpkg-source's logic to identify ignored files. Closes: #632168
   * Fix a small typo in dpkg-source(1). Closes: #632937
   * Reword the description of dpkg-source --before-build and --after-build
     to be clearer. Closes: #608260
   * dpkg-buildpackage no longer exports the compiler flags. Closes: #560070
     Packages must directly call dpkg-buildflags to retrieve them.
   * dpkg-buildflags supports a prepend command to modify the build
     flags. Particularly useful for package maintainers who don't want
     their supplementary flags to take precedence over user submitted
   * Add new --dump action to dpkg-buildflags and make it the default action.
     Closes: #603435
   * dpkg-mergechangelogs now checks the return value of the close() call.
     Thanks to Niels Thykier <niels@thykier.net> for the patch. Closes: #633539
   * Similar changes to dpkg-shlibdeps and dpkg-gencontrol, also by Niels.
   * Fix update-alternatives to not remove a real file when dropping a
     symlink for a slave that's not provided by the new current choice.
     Closes: #633627
   * Improve dpkg-source's error message complaining about the lack
     of the upstream tarball. Closes: #634510
   * Add some common makefile snippets for use in rules files in
     /usr/share/dpkg/: default.mk, architecture.mk, buildflags.mk, pkg-info.mk,
     vendor.mk Closes: #606839
   * Fix the dpkg-divert test-suite to also skip test that would fail if run
     under root. Closes: #634961
   * Change merge conflict separators created by dpkg-mergechangelogs to match
     the usual norm of being composed of 7 characters. LP: #815700
   * With source format 2.0 and 3.0 (quilt), dpkg-source now fails by default
     when upstream changes have not been recorded in a quilt patch. The new
     --commit operation can be used to properly record the changes before-hand.
     LP: #797839
     And it fails before installing the automatic patch in debian/patches/
     Closes: #615899
   * dpkg-buildflags now supports "--export=configure" to output compilation
     flags on a single line with double quotes as delimiter of the various
     values. It also uses DEB_<flag>_MAINT_<op> to let the maintainer
     extend the build flags to use. Last but not least, it can now also strip
     options from the returned build flags.
   * Fix possible segfault of dpkg in findbreakcycle(). LP: #733414
   * dpkg-source now properly cleans up the temporary tarball generated for
     native formats in case of unexpected interruption. Closes: #631494
   * Fix simplification logic of union dependencies. Closes: #637564
   * Fix dpkg's handling of a hardlink pointing to a conffile. Closes: #638291
   * Add example of extend-diff-ignore's usage in dpkg-source(1).
     Closes: #640198
   * dpkg-buildflags now returns hardening flags by default. Closes: #489771
     They can be individually enabled/disabled via DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS,
     see dpkg-buildflags(1). Thanks to Kees Cook for his help.
   [ Guillem Jover ]
   * Install deb-src-control(5) man pages in dpkg-dev. Closes: #620520
   * Add ‘.gitmodules’ to the default dpkg-source ignore lists. Closes: #620490
   * Document in dpkg-query(1) man page that on --listfiles each list of
     files per package name is separated by a blank line. Same goes for
     --status and --print-avail.
   * Use execvp(3) unconditionally in command_exec(). Making the call always
     fallback to use the system shell in case of error, such as with empty
     maintainer scripts. Thanks to Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@gmail.com>.
     Closes: #622094
   * Improve deb-split(5) format description by splitting debian-split
     member contents into a list.
   * Switch to debhelper compatibility level 7.
     - Use dh_prep instead of deprecated “dh_clean -k”.
   * Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.2 (no changes needed).
   * Generate filenames following current conventions on “dpkg-split --join”,
     by including the architecture in the debian-split member of a split
     package and using underscores to separate filename parts.
   * Support conffiles with spaces when diffing them. Closes: #147583
   * Allow installing packages with bogus versions with new
   * Do not fail when unpacking a diverted hardlink. Closes: #245322
     Based on a patch by Christopher Baines <cbaines8@gmail.com>.
   * Document in dpkg-deb(1) that --fsys-tarfile will always process the
     input archive sequentially. Closes: #616609
   * Remove long non-functional --new and --old dpkg-deb option handling
     from dpkg which were being treated as dpkg commands.
   * Remove reference to --nocheck dpkg-deb option from dpkg man page as
     the latter does not pass it to the former.
   * Clarify the current dpkg behaviour when running the dpkg-deb and
     dpkg-query back-ends, of not passing through back-end specific options
     when running them from dpkg. Closes: #610940
   * Use “unselected” as an adjective in dpkg output messages instead of
     “deselected”. Closes: #231089
   * Clarify exit status in dpkg-split and start-stop-daemon --help output.
   * Clarify “EXIT STATUS” section in man pages by using a table.
   * Add a --status command to start-stop-daemon returning LSB Init Script
     status action exit codes.
   * Add start-stop-daemon process name kernel limits for Solaris, NetBSD,
     OpenBSD, FreeBSD and Darwin.
   * On package removal, keep only directories actually containing conffiles,
     and not directories just matching the substring in the conffile or the
     directory itself. Thanks to Ondřej Surý <ondrej@debian.org>.
   * On purge correctly remove symlinks acting as directories, when they are
     not being used by any other package's files.
   * Do not lose track of parent directories on removal so that they can
     be properly cleaned up on purge if not used by any other package.
     Based on a patch by Ondřej Surý <ondrej@debian.org>. Closes: #454694
   * Add ‘.hgsigs’ to the default dpkg-source ignore lists.
     Based on a patch by Jakub Wilk <jwilk@debian.org>. Closes: #627462
   * Do not allow blank lines in field values. Closes: #308082
   * Do not warn on missing architecture on packages in config-files state,
     but then make sure the architecture field is usable. Closes: #604241
   * Run du with --apparent-size when generating the Installed-Size field in
     dpkg-gencontrol to get consistent results independent of build system.
     Thanks to Ludovic Brenta <ludovic@ludovic-brenta.org>. Closes: #630533
   * Do not fail to unpack shared directories missing on the file system
     from packages being replaced by other packages. Closes: #631808
   * Do not require programs to define thisname, provide two new functions
     to handle the program name (dpkg_set_progname and dpkg_get_progname).
     Closes: #631757
   * Man pages cleanup:
     - Rename “USAGE” dselect(1) section to “ACTIONS” and clarify they can
       be performed interactively or from command line.
     - Add missing built-in methods to dselect(1).
     - Add missing escaping to field dashes in deb-control(5).
     - Use dashes instead of underscores for variable text.
     - Clarify that several front-end fields are not dselect specific in
     - Use [option...] instead of [options] and friends.
     - Use italics or bold instead of surrounding the text with <>.
     - Correctly format text with bold and italics.
     - Use minus signs and hyphens consistently in man pages.
     - Fix reference to /etc/dpkg/dselect.cfg.d instead of dpkg.cfg.d in
     - Add missing optional group|gid --chuid argument in start-stop-daemon(8).
   * Refer to Sources and Packages files as part of a repository instead of
     as being of exclusive use or owned by APT, which has never been the case.
   * Unify somewhat dpkg-maintscript-helper --help output with other commands.
   * Add build-indep and build-arch targets as aliases for build in
   * Use the perl interpreter found by configure to call dpkg-architecture.pl
     in the m4 DPKG_ARCHITECTURE macro.
   * Add new --verbose option to dpkg-deb and change --extract to honour it.
     Closes: #293280
   * Add new --raw-extract option to dpkg-deb combining --control and
     --extract. Closes: #552123
   * Defer hardlink renames so that there's never a point were the new
     file contents are accessible from the final path before they have
     been fsync()ed and cannot be executed causing ETXTBSY when trying
     to open the to be installed paths for writing.
     Thanks to Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@gmail.com>. Closes: #635683
   * Clarify the default dpkg-deb compression-levels on the man page.
   * Clarify dpkg --update-avail usage error message. Closes: #628055
   * Change Dpkg::Compression default values depending on the compressor
     used, and as such dpkg-source inherits this functionality.
     Prompted by Timo Juhani Lindfors <timo.lindfors@iki.fi>.
   * Print an actual error or warning message instead of assert()ing on
     readlink()/stat() size discrepancies. Closes: #639229
   * Update alternative links only if they change. This allows for a
     read-only file system and a writable database. Closes: #636700
     Based on a patch by Salvatore Bonaccorso <carnil@debian.org>.
   * Fix double “error:” string in dpkg missing PATH error output.
     Closes: #639997
   * Do not warn on strange timestamps when unpacking with dpkg-deb.
     Closes: #640298
   * Reduce dpkg-trigger binary size by refactoring libdpkg modules so that
     it does not end up pulling triglib.
   * Reduce dpkg-deb binary size by refectoring libdpkg modules so that it
     does not end up pulling triglib.
   * Do not fail on --compare-version when generating parse warnings.
     Existing packages with invalid versions should not fail on their
     maintainer scripts due to that.
   * Use the user name (instead of the user id) when setting the supplementary
     groups in start-stop-daemon. Closes: #641834
   * Use --srcdir and --destdir po4a options, and bump Build-Depends version
     to 0.36.4.
   [ Updated dpkg translations ]
   * German (Sven Joachim). Closes: #620312
   * Swedish (Peter Krefting).
   * French (Christian Perrier).
   [ Updated man page translations ]
   * French (Christian Perrier).
   * German (Helge Kreutzmann) including improvement by "Flo".
   * Swedish (Peter Krefting).
   [ Updated scripts translations ]
   * French (Christian Perrier, Sylvestre Ledru). Closes: #637096
   * German (Helge Kreutzmann).
   * Swedish (Peter Krefting).
 d8d9d5a8a9f134459987f5b187527c303498e902 1364 dpkg_1.16.1.dsc
 9e8176c88fe2b31782ddae6d0a8f599c7e540e8d 5432348 dpkg_1.16.1.tar.bz2
 a830d5633da7a96d5208a6f8a7a97e24865e7913 552790 libdpkg-dev_1.16.1_amd64.deb
 470de180ac9fa5c95abfcf30a4d9a46cab269107 2218686 dpkg_1.16.1_amd64.deb
 6e6ddbb681d1bbbb971299932f99d43a35f33750 1006884 dselect_1.16.1_amd64.deb
 b8394b2dfd4291ff206dec00e53c723fa0be902e 923836 dpkg-dev_1.16.1_all.deb
 7940dc852c11e3a386ce014cd39ab7ce30e34f30 806604 libdpkg-perl_1.16.1_all.deb
 3f1649796856228545ba610df340b47b923a31f6ebe8765c8f48e1dac7f11391 1364 dpkg_1.16.1.dsc
 f9363628a6fa1c24a1e9c41bd8977f9d5a7010bfca3ac9a6f8bf500e7e8df52b 5432348 dpkg_1.16.1.tar.bz2
 96910fa1ed1371aa2b9e3147eecdf67e4e5f61fe7d7aaa97c27254f55a92c56d 552790 libdpkg-dev_1.16.1_amd64.deb
 d0e9691aa05c1b2567b06df0856ea05a211234e40dbc955e0266fa45fb32370c 2218686 dpkg_1.16.1_amd64.deb
 4a1c44c98791f1aa1b59bfc4890a3f6aeef70319f930e1ca9b7354ede8e78125 1006884 dselect_1.16.1_amd64.deb
 885d13576b93262151b5e920dd8971072668c0bd36b103ab0e82b97fcef52fcd 923836 dpkg-dev_1.16.1_all.deb
 b6fa511f2b059a85e3d5938c73a5805893a28438785a974bf0e46a53dc5da975 806604 libdpkg-perl_1.16.1_all.deb
 c1e7858da79770b64427a99cc628889c 1364 admin required dpkg_1.16.1.dsc
 b94c9ed2493fd9dbb53a96f2e7f674ce 5432348 admin required dpkg_1.16.1.tar.bz2
 99bbb9c901e7462d06472a27ffb6d67f 552790 libdevel optional libdpkg-dev_1.16.1_amd64.deb
 bed79ea34df74b42ebbc2ed13d3ed4cb 2218686 admin required dpkg_1.16.1_amd64.deb
 bd018624eca8f1cf04a0b588a6338622 1006884 admin optional dselect_1.16.1_amd64.deb
 78c00b38545303cf8c8fcd4dd83f30a3 923836 utils optional dpkg-dev_1.16.1_all.deb
 f604975f555da4f710167be2b0d468f7 806604 perl optional libdpkg-perl_1.16.1_all.deb

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