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Re: The trigger in your Debian packages

Raphael Hertzog wrote:

> Hello,
> you're maintaining a Debian package which provides a trigger file.
> Currently a package that "activates" a trigger is put in the
> "triggers-awaited" status where it doesn't fulfill dependencies.
> The trigger must first be processed and only then is the package
> considered as "installed".
> I believe that the vast majority of triggers do not provide a
> functionality that is so important as to require that the triggering
> package be put in that status. Thus I'm considering to change this
> and to introduce new trigger directives that would keep the old
> behaviour.
> I need your help to identify the set of package which would have to
> use the new directives, if I decide to introduce this incompatible change.
> My recent mail to -devel[1] only suggested "ghc6" so I'm asking all the
> maintainers directly this time.
> [1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2011/05/msg01180.html
> Please reply for the packages that you maintain to the question that
> concerns you:
> 1/ If your package uses the "interest" directive in the triggers files,
> is it important that the "triggering" packages that activate your triggers
> be considered as not configured (and thus not satisfying dependencies)
> until the trigger has been processed?

My packages (xpdf and protoaculous) use the "interest" directive.  They
modify their config files based on config file changes within their
dependencies. For that need, they just need the trigger to be processed
at some time before the user tries to use the app.  Hence they can be
considered as configured before the trigger is run without problem.

Best wishes,

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