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Re: trigger processing

Phillip Susi wrote:

> Sorry for the delayed response, but what?

Sorry for the nonsense.  What I was fumbling to say was that it had
been many months since this last came up with nothing changed but
still you were asking "Is this a bug in apt?".  It seemed more like a
time to act, for example by filing a bug against apt or dpkg, or at
least to explicitly contrast the old bug and the new bug.  No harm
done; with the help of your reminder, finally something was done on
the dpkg side (still pending upload --- see Bug#526774).

> After it finished, I tried running apt-get dist-upgrade, and it
> complains that e2fsprogs has unmet deps because it pre-depends on the
> old version of e2fslibs, but the new version of e2fslibs is installed.
> Is this a bug in apt?  It shouldn't have installed the new version of
> e2fslibs while the old version of e2fsprogs was still installed and
> pre-depending on it should it?

I would be interested in the detailed message.  Not unpacking the new
version of e2fslibs while the old version of e2fsprogs is installed
would make an upgrade path impossible: do you unpack the new e2fsprogs
first or e2fslibs?  Removing e2fsprogs during upgrade is similarly a

Hope that helps,

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