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RFC: a new (meta data) field in .DEB packages

Hi all,

I propose a new field in the control file of .DEB packages
and want to know what you think about it.

In the "control.tar.gz" file of every .DEB archive is the file
"control". There are fields for the package name, the dependencies

My REQUEST is to add a field called "Development-Package".

Every library package should have the field
"Development-Package" set to the corresponding package name.

For example package "libc6" will have set:

"Development-Package: libc6-dev"

So the package manager can examine all installed packages and
will collect the data of the field: "Development-Package"

Then the package manager may ask the user if he wants to
install all these packages in one turn ...

... quite useful for all software
developers and from-source-installing geeks :-)

I'm looking forward to reading your reply


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