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Re: [RFC] Trigger directives that do not put packages in triggers-awaited

Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> writes:

> Hi,
> please find attached a patch that implements 2 new directives
> "interest-noawait" and "activate-noawait" for the triggers control file.
> They work exactly like "interest" and "activate" but the package
> that activate the triggers are not put in triggers-awaited status instead
> they are directly configured. Up to now, this was only possible if you
> manually activated triggers with dpkg-trigger. With this patch, the
> package implementing the trigger can also specify that the trigger
> is not important enough to consider that the triggering package is
> not configured.
> My goal is to simplify the configuration process because most
> triggers are purely convenience triggers and are not required by
> the triggering packages... (see man-db, bash-completion, etc.)
> This will also make it more likely that the trigger is really only
> executed once at the end instead of multiple times because some
> package had to be configured earlier.
> My main problem is how to introduce this new feature. For now, I
> have added "-noawait" variants but given they are the most common case, I
> wonder if I shall not change the current directive to not
> put the packages in triggers-awaited and instead to add new directives
> "interest-await" and "activate-await" (or "interest-crucial",
> "activate-crucial") with the current behaviour. That would also reduce the
> number of packages to modify to get the expected benefits... very few
> packages really need to put the triggering package in triggers-awaited.
> What do you think?

Not all trigger are convenience triggers and switching the default to
not wait would break those. So I think that is not an option in the
short run.


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