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Re: trigger processing

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On 11/01/2010 11:48 AM, Joey Hess wrote:
> Phillip Susi wrote:
>> I've noticed triggers being invoked repeatedly during upgrades rather
>> than once at the end, as they are supposed to.  I started looking at
>> /var/log/dpkg.log to try and figure out why.
> Becaue apt has not been changed to tell dpkg to defer trigger processing,
> and to them run them all at the end. Or rather, it has, see
> http://bugs.debian.org/473461 -- but they do not have the options
> enabled by default.
> DPkg
> {
>    // let apt aggressivly use dpkg triggers
>    NoTriggers "true";
>    NoConfigure "true";
>    ConfigurePending "true";

I had been running my system with these settings without incident and
even managed to dist-upgrade from Maverick to Natty.  I decided to set
up a VM to test upgrading a clean install of Maverick with and without
these options to measure how much faster it is, and I found some odd

Originally the upgrade took 1 hour on the nose.  After enabling these
options, the process took longer at about 1:20, and there were a few
errors in the process.

After it finished, I tried running apt-get dist-upgrade, and it
complains that e2fsprogs has unmet deps because it pre-depends on the
old version of e2fslibs, but the new version of e2fslibs is installed.

Is this a bug in apt?  It shouldn't have installed the new version of
e2fslibs while the old version of e2fsprogs was still installed and
pre-depending on it should it?
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