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Re: dotdee: a proposal for improving conffile management in Debian


Dustin Kirkland wrote:

> I've had that feeling, I know.  And I'm feeling that way about more
> and more and more utilities.  I just don't think I, you, or any of us
> is going to actually getting around to "fixing" every service to
> support a .d style configuration structure.
> And that's at the crux of this discussion (whether it's dotdee that
> solves this, or something else completely different).  I'm
> wondering/hoping/thinking about other ways we could approach this
> problem, as a distribution

Here's some lower-hanging fruit:


It needs someone willing to go through the patches, resubmit them,
and take or give feedback from the list to simplify and polish them.
The result would, in my humble opinion, already be much, much better
than what we have today.

Would you be interested in that?

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