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Some issues with the man pages (noticed while updating the translation)

while updating the German translation I noticed the following issues:

*) Paragraph separation explained twice (redundant info)
#. type: Plain text
#: deb-src-control.5:28
msgid ""
"Each Debian source package contains the master \"control\" file, which "
"contains at least 2 paragraphs, separated by a blank line. The first "
"paragraph lists all information about the source package in general, while "
"each following paragraph describes exactly one binary package. Each "
"paragraph consists of at least one field. A field starts with a fieldname, "
"such as B<Package> or B<Section> (case insensitive), followed by a colon, "
"the body of the field and a newline.  Multi-line fields are also allowed, "
"but each supplementary line, without a fieldname, should start with at least "
"one space. The content of the multi-line fields is generally joined to a "
"single line by the tools (except in the case of the B<Description> field, "
"see below). To insert empty lines into a multi-line field, insert a dot "
"after the space. The paragraphs are separated by an empty line. Lines "
"starting with a B<'#'> are treated as comments."

*) Shoudl't "linux-any" be described here as well?
#. type: Plain text
#: deb-src-control.5:190
msgid ""
"The architecture specifies on which type of hardware this package runs. For "
"packages that run on all architectures, use the B<any> value. For packages "
"that are architecture independent, such as shell and Perl scripts or "
"documentation, use the B<all> value. To restrict the packages to a certain "
"set of architectures, specify the architecture names, separated by a space."

*) I don't understand this paragraph. Missing parantheses? I think it should
   be split into several sentences or grouping be indicated more strictly.
   Or there are too many/missing "if"s.
#. type: Plain text
#: start-stop-daemon.8:270
msgid ""
"The requested action was performed, or if B<--oknodo> is specified and "
"either B<--start> was specified and a matching process was already running, "
"or B<--stop> was specified and there were no matching processes."

Thanks for clarification/updates.


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