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Next upload 2011-03-27 (dpkg 1.16.0)


There's lots of changes in master (around 400) accumulated during these
past months, most of which are refactoring and cleanup, some of them will
allow to start doing progress on multiarch on the archive.

Several regressions have already been fixed in the past few weeks, as
Raphaël and me usually run from latest master [0], some others coming
from the snapshot uploaded to Ubuntu, so I think the code base should
be in good shape now.

[0] Even if it should generally be pretty safe, I'd recommend storing
    /var/lib/dpkg/ under git, for example, to anyone considering running
    from master too.

There are still some few commits I want to push hopefully tomorrow,
and to be able to spot any possible new regression this next sunday
(2011-03-27) seems like a good target date for the upload.

After that, any 1.16.0.x regression fixing uplods can follow if need
be, and then either a 1.16.1 with preparatory changes for multiarch
followed by a multiarch enabled 1.16.2 or directly a multiarch enabled
1.16.1 (but I'm guessing most probably the former will happen).


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