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Re: [PATCH] Update translation files.

Quoting Filip Zyzniewski (filip.zyzniewski@gmail.com):
> Hi, I am sending this again because the previous message (direct 9MB
> one from git send-email) seems to have been discarded because of its
> size.
> Here is the compressed patch:
> http://repository.jlime.com/0001-Update-translation-files.patch.bz2
> I am sending this because I'd like to contribute some changes and I
> think it would be better if an update of po/pot files was done before
> as a separate commit.
> This commit is a direct result of running these commands:
> cd po
> make dpkg.pot
> make update-po
> for po in *.po
> do
>        # remove strings not existing in the source code
>        awk '$1 ~ "#~" { exit }; {print $0}' "$po" > "$po.new"
>        mv "$po.new" "$po"
> done

I disagree with unconditionnally removing obsolete translations. This
should be left up to the translation teams. These strings may be used
by intelligent PO editors to make some fuzzy matching.

I would like, for instance, to keep them for French translations.

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