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GSoC project proposal: dpkg declarative diversions

Mentor: Steve Langasek; supported by Raphaël Hertzog for dpkg maintainer
  review and sign-off
Summary: implement support for declarative diversions in dpkg, to obsolete
  manual calls to dpkg-divert in maintainer scripts
Required skills:
  * C programming
  * ability to communicate clearly in written English
  The dpkg package manager allows packages to redirect ("divert") files
  belonging to one package to replace them with their own implementation.
  This is currently done by invoking a command, dpkg-divert, from package
  maintainer scripts, which is fragile and error prone; most references to
  dpkg-divert in the maintainer scripts of a typical system today are
  attempts to fix up past incorrect uses of dpkg-divert.

  The dpkg-divert command should be replaced with a new control file with a
  declarative syntax which dpkg will parse and process directly as part of
  the package unpack and removal phases, eliminating the problems resulting
  from non-atomic handling of diversions.

  Any solution to this problem must include documentation on correct use of
  the new feature and provide a transition path for packages using the
  existing non-declarative method of diverting files.

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