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Re: dpkg fails on low-memory-hardware

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 02:24:19PM +0100, Martin Klaiber wrote:

Hi Martin

> So could someone tell me please, how I could use dpkg with max. 40 MB
> of RAM or how I could tell dpkg to use swap-space?

It should at least work given enough swap, dpkg has no idea about swapping
(or to be more exact paging) the kernel does this.
Also you did not provide the error message.

I see different possibilities:
-put the disk in a box with enough RAM and upgrade there
-export the filesystem by NFS, mount it somewhere else (with enough RAM),
 chroot to it and do the upgrade there (should work)
-build a reduced package lists yourself, as it was already suggested


P.S. Crappy hardware is just too expensive in time, better ditch it.

  Christian Leber <christian@leber.de> or <leber@uni-hd.de>

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